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Lucky Winner!

Congradulations to our customer Jim Smalley. Jim won a beautiful 1971 Chevelle SS at this years Turkey Rod Run. After recieving the call that he had won, Jim showed up at the shop shaking and almost speachless. Not bad for a $2.00 raffle ticket.

Turkey Rod Run

We had a great time at the Turkey Rod Run in Daytona Beach, FL. If you have never been, you are missing out. Every car person should attend. There is something for everyone- show cars, cars for sale, new vendors, swap meet, and much more.

We set up a small booth in the swap meet section. Due to my tendency to procrastinate, we were in basically the last row near turn 1. However, this turned out to be a great spot, and the people around me were amazing. We had some great “show specials” and made some new friends.

Winter Park Concours d’Elegance

Downtown Winter Park hosted its annual Concours d’Elegance car show. If you have never attended one, it is a a large collection of high-end exotic cars. There porches, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Bentley’s, Rolls Royce’s, a Bugati, and the list goes on- you get the general idea. It is nice to see some of these rare cars that you only see on tv or in magazines.

Despite all these very nice cars that I will more than likely never have the priviledge to drive, let alone own, this was not my kind of crowd or car show in general. I like “car” people. People who are not afraid to modify their cars or give them some sort of personal touch To me, completely stock is boring even if it costs a half million dollars. I like to see the little touches people do to make their car unique. For example, at the winter park show, there would be a group of 3 Ferrari’s or 3 Lamborghini’s or BMW’s in a row. All nice cars I would love to have; however, they were all the same. Nothing set them apart. On the other hand, at the Longwood show Saturday evening, there would be a group of 3 mustangs or camaros or hot rods. Even if they were the exact same year and model, something would be different. Maybe different exhaust or different interior or exterior modifications or engine add ons. My point being, the owners had put a piece of themselves into their cars. These are the people and cars I really like to see.


Amsoil Dealer

We have become a new dealer for Amsoil products. Amsoil is the maker of high end synthetic oils. They also offer a large selection of other automotive related fluids and additives.

Check out there new “Z-Rod” oil, designed specifically for classic hot rods. It is a full synthetic motor oil that is high in zinc and phosphorus.


New shop truck makes first pass

The weather was beautiful Friday night- perfect night for the track. We decided to take Mike’s brand new 2013 F150 with “ecoboost” to the track. Other than a quick tune Mike installed, it is bone stock right down to the paper element. With 330 miles on the odometer it clicked off back to back 14.2′s @ 97 mph.

Future plans include intake and exhaust mods and a more aggressive tune, as we push for the 12′s.

Our Big Fall SALE!!!

Downtown Longwood Car Show

Saturday marked the 1 year anniversary of the downtown Longwood car show. The weather was perfect and there was a great turn out. There was a nice blend of classics and late models, cars and trucks. DJ Don provided the entertainment and there were a variety of food truck vendors available as well.

In case you missed the Maximum Machine Works booth, they brought out a 9 sec supra. They were also promoting their customer appreciation day (Sunday, November 18). The Speed Shop will be there as well.

Over all, it was great time. We got the opportunity to see a lot of nice rides and meet some nice folks as well.

Be their next month- November 10!



We just received our first few bottles of nitrous (more on the way). We use the NOS fill station with pump to insure you get a full bottle every time.

We also offer a full line of nitrous kits and accessories from NOS, NX, ZEX, and others.

What’s Happening?

Want to know where the car show is this weekend or whats happening at the track? Check out our “Events” page to find out.

If you have a local event, be sure to let us know. We would be glad to list it for you, and help spread the word.

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