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Magnuson Superchargers

Magnuson Superchargers have been making supercharger kits for over 30yrs. Their kits deliver big horsepower, driveability, and long lasting reliability. Their focus is on producing  substantial increases in real world… “under the curve” power and torque. All Magnuson products are now available from The Speed Shop.

Cold Air Inductions intake systems

Cold Air Inductions has re-invented the cold air intake system. Their carefully researched and designed systems go to great lengths to keep intake temperatures as low as possible. Their intake tubes are ceramic coated inside and out. Their air boxes come with a 3/8″ thermal barrier installed. In addition, all kits are powder coated and tig welded for durability, and include a high flow filter to help maximize power gains. Kits are currently available for popular late model GM cars and trucks. Now available from The Speed Shop.

Stainless Works Exhaust

Stainless Works offers an array of high-end performance exhaust options for late model cars and trucks. They also offer headers for popular “LS” swaps. All headers are USA made of 304 Stainless Steel. Now available from The Speed Shop.

JLT Intakes

JLT Performance makes a top of the line cold air intake kit. These kits produce more power than other leading kits at an affordable price. Kits are available for all late model performance Ford and Mopar applications. These are now available from The Speed Shop.

Renegade Race Fuel

We now carry Renegade Race Fuel in stock!

Renegade makes some of the best fuels available and are on the cutting edge of fuel developement. We carry their traditional automotive fuels as well as their “rat man elite” specialty fuels.

Check out their products at


Amsoil Dealer

We have become a new dealer for Amsoil products. Amsoil is the maker of high end synthetic oils. They also offer a large selection of other automotive related fluids and additives.

Check out there new “Z-Rod” oil, designed specifically for classic hot rods. It is a full synthetic motor oil that is high in zinc and phosphorus.




We just received our first few bottles of nitrous (more on the way). We use the NOS fill station with pump to insure you get a full bottle every time.

We also offer a full line of nitrous kits and accessories from NOS, NX, ZEX, and others.

Beat the heat

Summer is here and it is hot! This is especially true here in Florida. The heat is rough on us, but it can be just as hard on our vehicles.

We offer several products that can help keep your car or truck running cool. Plus, in addition to running cooler, you may also pick up a few more horsepower! So its win/win.

Additives: We carry Redline’s “Water Wetter” and “Purple Ice” from Royal Purple. Both products will aid in heat transfer and keep your cooling system running more efficiently, while dropping temperatures as much as 20 degrees.

Therm0stats: A high flow, lower temperature thermostat can also help keep your car running cooler. We offer products from Hypertech and Mr Gasket.

Water Pumps: There are several options when it comes to water pumps. A high flow aluminum water pump is a great place to start. They are lighter, disappate heat better, and offer better more balanced flow. For all out drag racers we also offer electric water pumps to free up even more hp.

Radiators: If you are looking to upgrade your radiator, we offer some nice high flow aluminum radiators. They are available standard or polished and will cool better than a standard 4 core radiator.

Fans: Finally fans. There is a huge variety of choices when it comes to fans. There are mechanical fans or electric fans, single or dual fans, pushers or pullers- all in different sizes and flow different cfm. Come on by, and we will be glad to find something that works for you.